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Tuesday, February 10, 2015  
Rod Colon 
Raffle Donated by Razzino Associates
On Tuesday evening, February 10th, there will be a combined dinner meeting for current members, alumni, and guests of Association of Women in Computing (AWC), IT-Networking, MIS Network Associates (MNA), Monmouth Networking, The Breakfast Club NJ (TBCNJ), ETP Network, and Careers in Transition (CIT) at the Holiday Inn, Totowa, NJ.  
The dinner meeting will include a presentation by Rod Colon on Managing Your Career.
Rod Col√≥n has a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in today's global economy.  Rod shares his 25 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider, outside agency recruiter, professional networker and career coach through an unusual yet common sense approach to networking and career management.  His in-depth knowledge of international staffing, recruiting fdexecutives around the world.
The schedule for the dinner meeting on February 10th will be:
-         6:00 pm – Registration, cash bar, and "speed dating"
-         6:45 to 7:15 -- Individual introductions with RSVP list reference – see below
-         7:15 pm -- Dinner
-         8:00 pm – Rod Colon's presentation with appropriate Q & A
-         9:30 Approx – Raffle – You must be present to win
Following our usual meeting format, after you have registered and added your resumes, etc. to the handouts, everyone will participate in a series of informal networking groups i.e. "speed dating", before we sit down for dinner and the general introductions.  Briefly, these informal groups last for approximately 10 minutes.  At the end of the 10 minutes, the groups disperse, and new ones are formed with different participants.  Suggested dialogues for the groupings will be provided at the registration desk. 
There will be an opportunity to circulate up to 40 copies of your resume, personal bio, leads, or other appropriate material in a handout from the dinner.  
The cost will be $45 for everyone if forwarded by mail or other to John Sampson by COB on
February 9th at 2 Blackfoot Cir, Wayne NJ 07470.  Checks should be made out to John. He can be reached at 973-248-3251. John's email is Reservations can also be made through Lizanne Fiorentino at  
An RSVP list of attendees will be created and used to facilitate your networking activity. Current or last work affiliation, email address, and membership organization should be included in your RSVP. If you are in transition, please include the names of three target companies and the kind of position(s) you are seeking. If you are currently employed, you should provide the name of your last three employers. The preliminary RSVP will be distributed to the recipients of the initial mailing of this announcement and to all those on the list the week end before the dinner meeting for editing and informational purposes.  A "final" numbered RSVP list will be available at the registration desk on the 1st and can be used as part of your general introduction …"I'm # x on the RSVP list". Your number will also appear on your name badge which will be available at the registration desk on the 10th.  
Since there will be walk-ins on the 10th, the final RSVP list will be emailed to the attendees as quickly as possible after February 13th.
We will accept a LIMITED number of walk-ins on February 10th.  Their cost will be $60 without exception as well as for RSVP's whose checks have not been received by COB on the February 9th. There will be NO refunds and no shows WILL be billed.  
Again, attendees should bring 40 copies of their bio/resume, leads or materials they wish to be included in the handout for the evening of February 10th.
 If you would like to help out at the meeting on the 10th, volunteer to be a "Meeting Marshall".  Call John Sampson at 973-248-3251 for details. We can use your help!!!
Directions to the Holiday Inn at One Rt. 46 Westbound in Totowa Park can be found at    Traffic congestion at rush hour is substantial on Rt 46, so you should allow an extra half hour  to get to the Holiday Inn on the 10th.
Please join us for an evening of improving your attempts to deal with your personal career, great networking opportunities, and/or a chance to just catch up. Snow day will be February 12th.


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Fri Feb 6, 2015 6:39 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Keith Bogen SPHR" hrslugger2002

Reply to:  Seth Benson
Executive Search ConsultantReaction Search International    Position:Compliance Documentation Manager Location: Wall Township, New JerseyCompany Information: One of the fastest growing companies in the modular building industry.  They combine the professional integrity of their team - responsiveness, thoroughness and dependability - with experience and dedication to deliver well-managed, high quality modular projects.The Company has grown quickly from a small regional modular leasing company to a nationwide fully integrated modular general contractor by building relationships with valued clients, dedicated employees and trusted subcontractors.  Together, they have created proven technologies, systems and processes to provide comprehensive solutions.The Company has offices located throughout the United States and offer a diverse range of prefabricated building types - permanent and temporary, new and pre-leased.   Projects range from small temporary buildings to large multi-story complexes.  They also offer creative leasing, sale and financing options.  The Company serves various industries such as education, healthcare, retail and hospitality, government and GSA, laboratory/research, public assembly, lodging and housing, general business and office, corrections and public safety with portable buildings, permanent modular buildings and manufactured homes. Position Profile:The main priority of the Compliance Documentation Manager will be to ensure that the company's actions meet the standards of all state and federal laws and regulations. This includes creating and documenting procedures associated with compliance as well as maintaining database and all associated records. Essential Duties:
- Manage all state and contractor licenses and business registrations, including renewals and reporting for approximately 40 states
- Track and maintain all required local, state and federal reporting 
- Review, analyze and communicate state lien laws
- Manage and maintain all corporate, customer and vendor insurance, including claims and renewals.
- Act as Safety Officer managing all postings, reporting, OSHA compliance, safety and quality assurance manuals, safety meetings and all training and documentation.
- Manage all corporate documentation compliance including recording UCC's, obtaining MSO's and reviewing and maintaining all files (contracts, acceptance documents, change orders)

- Verify contracts/documents are accurate and obtain officer signature.

- Manage all cooperative purchasing and contracts with reporting requirements
- Ensure adherence to all HR regulations including EEO / AA compliance and audit HR files for accuracy
 The Candidate Should:
- Demonstrate Personal Excellence:
Is honest and principled; develops self and inspires others; exhibits confidence and courage, has authenticity, is genuine and does not hide behind authority.
- Build and Foster Relationships:
Shares knowledge, has organizational savvy; works across the enterprise through effective communication and strong executive presence.
- Develop Successful Strategies:
Is strategically focused and agile, has global industry awareness and a strong business acumen.
- Create the New and Different:
Is innovative, insightful and optimistic about change, takes calculated risks.
- Build Diverse Talent:
Empowers people, celebrates success, and drives high performance. Develops the capabilities of others as a role model, a coach and a mentor.
- Drive results: 

Plans, proactively organizes work, and mobilizes resources against key priorities, initiates actions and drives decisions, maintains focus on priorities, is accountable  Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel required
- 5+ years of compliance experience
- Excellent research skills
- Meticulous attention to detail and ability to recognize discrepancies in written information and recorded data
- Ability to quickly analyze, interpret and solve business related problems
- Ability to prioritize in a fast paced environment and be self-driven with superior organizational skills
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Strong work ethic and proven dependability

Additional Competencies:To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:
- Analytical – Synthesizes complex or diverse information; collects and researches data; uses intuition and experience to complement data; designs work flows and procedures.
- Problem Solving – Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; gathers and analyzes information skillfully; develops alternative solutions.
- Technical Skills – Assesses own strengths and weaknesses; pursues training and development opportunities; strives to continuously build knowledge and skills; shares expertise with others.
- Customer Service – Manages difficult or emotional customer situations; responds promptly to customer needs; solicits customer feedback to improve service; responds to requests for service and assistance; meets commitments.
- Interpersonal – Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming; maintains confidentiality; listens to others without interrupting; keeps emotions under control; remains open to others' ideas and tries new things. 
- Communication – Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens and gets clarification; responds well to questions; demonstrates group presentation skills; participates in meetings.
- Written Communication – Writes clearly and informatively; edits work for spelling and grammar; varies writing style to meet needs; presents numerical data effectively; able to read and interpret written information.
- Change Management – Develops workable implementation plans; communicates changes effectively; builds commitment and overcomes resistance; prepares and supports those affected by change; monitors transition and evaluates results.
- Delegation – Delegates work assignments; matches the responsibility to the person; gives authority to work independently; sets expectations and monitors delegated activities; provides recognition for results.
- Leadership – Exhibits confidence in self and others; inspires respect and trust; accepts feedback from others; provides vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates; gives appropriate recognition to others; displays passion and optimism; mobilizes others to fulfill the vision.
    Additional Competencies continued:
- Business Acumen – Understands business implications of decisions; displays orientation to profitability; demonstrates knowledge of market and competition; aligns work with strategic goals.
- Cost Consciousness – Works within approved budget; develops and implements cost saving measures; contributes to profits and revenue; conserves organizational resources.
- Diversity – Shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences; promotes a harassment-free environment; builds a diverse workforce.
- Ethics – Treats people with respect; keeps commitments; inspires the trust of others; works with integrity and ethically; upholds organizational values.
- Organizational Support – Follows policies and procedures; completes administrative tasks correctly and on time; supports organization's goals and values; benefits from organization through outside activities; supports affirmative action and respects diversity.
- Strategic Thinking – Develops strategies to achieve organizational goals; understands organization's strengths and weaknesses; analyzes market and competition; identifies external threats and opportunities; adapts strategy to changing conditions.
- Adaptability – Adapts to changes in the work environment; manages competing demands; changes approach or method to best fit the situation; able to deal with frequent change, delays or unexpected events.
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Fri Feb 6, 2015 8:02 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Keith Bogen SPHR" hrslugger2002

I need your help to find a perfect candidate. If you know anyone who might be interested in this position, please feel free to share my contact information and let them know who referred them.
  Our hair care division, Davines North America located in Flatiron District is looking for an Education Coordinator. This is a full time position with great benefits. Our website is:        We don't have any job spec at this point but we are looking for following experience / qualifications:                   Must:
- Advanced level of Excel
- Travel arrangement
- Calendar Management
- Advanced level of Powel Point
- Vendor relationship
- Outgoing personality
- Some accounting background
- Concur – automated expense reporting software
  Nice to have:
- InDesign – preferred
- Fashion industry savvy
  Thank  you in advance for your help!   Best regards,   Lauren Lee Human Resources Manager Davines & [ comfort zone ] North America 50 West 23th Street - Penthouse - New York, NY 10010 O: +1-212-924-2470  ext. 12 / M:  +1-646-468-4365

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Fri Feb 6, 2015 7:30 pm (PST) . Posted by:

About the founder of the NY Metro Job Searchers Group reminder
When: Saturday, 07 February 2015 04:00 AM to 04:00 AM
(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London

Notes: Richard Kuper, founder and moderator of this group, has been a consultant since 1985 providing Business, Quality, and Information Mgt. Consulting Services. Details at If you know a company that could use his help, please let him know.<br>He has now also launched so please make that your new shopping portal.

From: the_ny-metro_job_searchers_group Calendar



==> More job search/job posting sources:

==> Save money on gas. Shop Online:
**      Remember to say you saw this listing in       **
**          the NY Metro Job Searchers Group          **
** If you find a job or consulting opportunity from a posting here, please remember to email the moderator and include the listing you responded to, if possible **
This is the premier job search group highlighted in Newsday and It has been set up for anyone looking for work in the New York Metropolitan area, and for those who are looking for candidates to fill job and contract openings in the New York Metro area.
website shortcut:
To join online (best way), click on "join this group"
To unsubscribe (best way), click on "leave this group"
To post a message (members only):

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Thu Feb 5, 2015 12:02 pm (PST) . Posted by:

"Peter Lutz" peter_f_lutz


Best regards,

Peter Lutz
"Bridging the gap between Business and Information Technology"
*Contact Details*
Connect with me on Linkedin -
Follow me on Twitter:
Skype me at: peterl1434
View or Download My Resume :
[image: IIBA -logo -Member -ORANGE.png]

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Relevante, Inc. <>
Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 11:40 AM
Subject: Referral Request --Job Opportunities at Relevante's Clients
To: "" <>

February 5th, 2015

Dear Peter,

Below is a listing of some of our Direct Hire <#14b5af4ab634889a_OpenJobs>
open positions at our clients. Each of these permanent positions pay
competitive salaries, benefits, and bonuses and are with growing
companies. Please consider forwarding this email to a friend who might be
exploring new job opportunities.

1. Manager of Business Analysis and QA, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9955).
Our Client is seeking a Business Analyst to help to roll out applications
to improve their business efficiencies. This position will focus on
managing the process and will have one direct report. Preference will be
given to candidates with experience working internally for a Professional
Services firm. Please contact Tom Thew <>
at or 484-403-4125 for more details.

2. Financial Analyst - Reporting, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9785).
Our Client is seeking a Financial Analyst to do management reporting. The
successful candidate will have strong MS Access report building
experience. Please contact Tom Thew <>
at or 484-403-4125 for more details.

3. Senior Database Developer / DBA, Cherry Hill, NJ (Job #9975).
The Senior Database Developer / DBA will be responsible for SQL database
development and management in support of large databases and business
applications. Please contact Matthew Allen
<> at or 484-403-4132 for more details.

4. Technical Operations Engineer, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9954).
This position will respond to and resolve emergent technical service
problems on the client's platform. Ideally, the person will have at least
two years systems administration and DevOps or software development
experience on an AWS based infrastructure. Please contact Matthew Allen
<> at or 484-403-4132 for more details.

5. Senior Electrical Project Engineer, Bangor, PA (Job#9957).
Seeking candidates with strong leadership capabilities and hands-on
capital/bakery equipment experience to share in the responsibilities for
the design and implementation of electrical control systems. Please
contact Anthony Scavone <>
at or 484-403-4097 for more details.

6. Senior Systems Engineer, Horsham, PA (Job #9971).
Seeking candidates with experience designing and developing custom or
standard product subassemblies relating to Microwave and Millimeter wave
instrumentation systems. Preference will be given to candidates with VNA,
Antenna Range, and Near Field Antenna Measurement experience. Please
contact Anthony Scavone <>
at or 484-403-4097 for more details.

Additional Direct Hire <#14b5af4ab634889a_OpenJobs> jobs with links to a
full job description can be found listed at the end of this email. All of
our open positions, including Contract Jobs across the US, can be found on
our website at

As you may recall, Relevante is a recruiting and staffing firm specializing
in helping our clients with their accounting and technology resourcing
needs. We focus on helping our candidates pursue engaging and rewarding
careers via permanent or interim opportunities at our clients. If we can
help you with a job search either as a candidate or an employer, please let
us know.

With appreciation,

The Relevante Recruiting Team

Relevante, Inc.

1235 Westlakes Drive

Suite 280

Berwyn, PA 19312


Audit Manager, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9909).

Audit Senior Associate, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9908).

AVP Finance Transformation Consulting (Non-Banking Clients), New York, NY
(Job #9885).

Banking Commercial Relationship Manager, Pottstown, PA (Job #9776).

Business Analyst, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9810).

Business Intelligence Analyst, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9912).

Business Systems Analyst, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9913).

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Honey Brook, PA (Job #9900).

CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Operator, Honey Brook, PA (Job #9898).

CNC Operator/Set Up, West Chester, PA (Job #9879).

CNC Programmer, West Chester, PA (Job #9878).

Data Engineer, New Hope, PA (Job #9958).

Data Engineer, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9780).

Financial Analyst–Reporting, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9785).

Financial Operations Analyst, Berwyn, PA (Job #9960).

Help Desk Analyst, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9914).

Inventory Control Director, Burlington, NJ (Job #9805).

Manager of IT Client Engineering (Desktop Imaging), Philadelphia, PA (Job

Network Engineer, New Hope, PA (Job #9824).

Network Engineer, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9871).

Network Engineer, Secaucus, NJ (Job #9937).

Project Manager, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9915).

Quality Engineer, Honey Brook, PA (Job #9973).

Security Analyst, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9864).

Senior Accountant, Bristol, PA (Job #9970).

Senior Accountant, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9868).

Senior Accountant, Wilmington, DE (Job #9777).

Senior Data Analyst – DQM, Cherry Hill, NJ (Job #9889).

Senior Data Programmer, Cherry Hill, NJ (Job #9917).

Senior Manager Statistical Methodology, Collegeville, PA (Job #9972).

Senior Mechanical Designer, Honey Brook, PA (Job #9896).

Senior Security Consultant, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9865).

Senior Staff Accountant, West Chester, PA (Job #9888).

Senior Systems Administrator, New Hope, PA (Job #9959).

Software Developer, Wilkes-Barre, PA (Job #9857).

Software Engineer, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9779).

Software Engineer, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9911).

Systems Developer, Seabrook, NJ (Job #9839).

Tax Manager Insurance, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9721).

Tax Manager, Philadelphia, PA (Job #9733).

Video Conference Engineer (Cisco), Philadelphia, PA (Job #9762).

VP – IT Audit, New York, NY (Job #9950).

VP Financial Architect System Implementation Consultant, Wilkes-Barre, PA
(Job #9887).

Welder/Fitter, Honey Brook, PA (Job #9897).

Wireless Account Executive, Blue Bell, PA (Job #9920).

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Thu Feb 5, 2015 10:59 am (PST) . Posted by:

"avi wagshol" awagshol

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Feb 5, 2015 1:50 PM
Subject: Job Opportunity(s) in Fairfield, CT - Project Manager - 94222 (We
pay Referral Bonuses)
To: "" <>

<> Hello, my name is Julian Greene from
Cor-Tech LLC. I can be reached at 770-671-0444 (W) or (C). We have the
below job opportunity(s). If you ARE interested in being submitted, please
e-mail me an updated copy of your resume. Please also click the link to
complete the *Right to Submit* form under the job description. If you are
NOT interested, please review our referral program and if you know someone
who may be interested, please fill out the referral form on the right and
click submit. Also feel free to search our other jobs at Please call me anytime with any questions. Thank
you. *Project Manager - 94222* *Referral Bonus: $200* *Job
ID:* 101864 *Job Title:* Project Manager - 94222 *Location:*
CT *Job Type:* Contract *Contract Length:* 10+ Months *Salary
Range:* $65/hr *Positions Available:* 1 *Travel Percentage:*
*Recruiter:* Julian Greene *Phone:* 770-671-0444 *Email:* *Job Description:* This is a project manager
position whose function is to maintain the project schedule and to advise
the Core Team Leader on the status of that schedule; its critical path;
percent complete etc. The position will report to the Core Team Leader, and
be responsible to work with functional contributors to assemble, integrate,
and update schedules, as well as determine appropriate measures to overcome
any associated issues. Must have good communication skills; detailed
knowledge of MS Office and MS Project. Engineering degree required -
Industrial Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering degree preferred 3-15
years experience

•The candidate should have knowledge of:
• Lean and Agile software development methodologies and associated tools
such as JIRA
• Managing a development team on a day to day basis
• Strong verbal and written communication skills with an ability to speak
and write to a diverse audience (external customers & clients, product
management & business, engineering develop team).

Shift: 9AM- 5PM M-F *Interested?* If you are interested in being
submitted for this job order, please submit Right to Submit
form. IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS JOB and would like to earn
referral bonus, please click here
to refer some friends or co-workers.

Cor-Tech LLC has a *REFERRAL PROGRAM* with regard to the referral of
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Thu Feb 5, 2015 12:15 pm (PST) . Posted by:

"Keith Bogen SPHR" hrslugger2002


Seeking skilled Office Manager/HR Representative for well-established small company located in Central NJ. Will direct and participate in the Administrative team. Assist in supervising staff in all departments. 

Human Resources- Serve as HR liaison and provide instructions and guidance to employees on human resources procedures and documentation requirements. Provide mentorship to staff by personally practicing high professional standards including business formal attire, manners and etiquette, business appropriate social media and respect/discretion with personal matters of all staff. Liaison to Vice President with all issues regarding staff including achievement, disciplinary, health and personal (seeking staff member's permission to share health/personal each occurrence.) Regular/consistent research of updates regarding federal /state regulations, compliance, and employee law and benefits guidelines. Support the Payroll Specialist in the collection and processing of employment documentation (hires, terminations and changes) including job descriptions, change of status forms, and all legally required documents. Monitor daily attendance, and PTO. Post positions, screen resumes, conduct phone and in-person interviews. Conduct new hire orientation and assist with exit procedures. Review/update Employee Handbook as necessary. Maintain the accurate filing of I-9 documents.

Management and Administration - Coordinate meetings, conferences, and appointments as requested. Working knowledge and oversight of Executive projects assigned to other Administrative Team members. Recommend, implement and assist in standardizing office policies and procedures, systems, and forms including system revisions. Proofread materials prepared by office employees. Print mailing labels as requested. Handle outgoing mail, Federal Express, UPS, and other special shipments. Perform a various light clerical work such as envelope stuffing. 

Management of Physical Needs of Office - Collaborate w/ IT department to ensure computer set-ups and IT problems get resolved. Assist in assessing and acquiring hardware, software and other items as required. Evening and weekend coverage of out-of-ordinary or emergency events such as, but not limited to, computer or equipment repair, after-hours appointments. Research/negotiate discounts for purchase of office supplies, and maintain office supply inventory. Evaluate purchase of new office equipment, and prepare cost analysis for approval by CFO. 

Reception - Answer phones quickly and efficiently. Receive/transmit messages accurately and promptly. Greet clients and visitors in a professional/friendly manner. Promotional mailings (Holiday cards)

Data Entry -Posting transactions and/or journal summaries, reconciling bank statements, spreading disbursement sheets, and reconciling various accounts. 

Other - Perform various errands such as banking, visits to township departments, suppliers and sub- contractors, post office, in store purchase of office supplies, catering and various personal errands as requested by the Executive team. Ad-hoc projects as needed.

Bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.) preferred.

Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as Database software and Internet software.
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