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Video: Demystifying HR's Recruiting Process (Dice and Cat Miller)

Posted by: "Eric Nilsson"   norsemantechnology

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:04 am (PST)

Although this is from, an IT web site, this video may help people
understand how recruiters and employers work together to find the right


WEDDLE's Newsletter: How to Succeed in Applying for a Job

Posted by: "Eric Nilsson"   norsemantechnology

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:04 am (PST)

From: [] On Behalf Of
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 8:25 AM
Subject: WEDDLE's Newsletter: How to Succeed in Applying for a Job




The Newsletter About Internet Resources for Successful Job Search & Career Management
A FREE Bi-weekly Publication of WEDDLE's ( or 203.964.1888)

Guides & Reference Books
for Job Seekers

<> Click to read more & order

December 15, 2011

The Perfect Gift for a Secret Santa <>

If you're someone's Secret Santa this Holiday season, get them a book that will make 2012 their best year ever. Priced for even the most elf-like budget, they include:

Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System <> . This book introduces a complete regimen of activities that will help you successfully compete for and hang onto the job of your dreams. Its one-of-a-kind program not only tells you what to do, but how to do it and how often.

Recognizing Richard Rabbit <> . This fable for adults will entertain and delight you and help you out of the boxes that keep you from becoming the champion inside you. It is a novel and engaging way to recognize the talented person you are meant to be.

The Career Activist Republic <> . This blockbuster of a book provides a provocative yet positive assessment of the changing world of work in the American economy and describes an innovative strategy that will enable you to avoid the pitfalls and capture the opportunities in this new environment. <>

How to Succeed in Applying for a Job <>

There are now over three million job openings posted on job boards and social media sites on the Web. And, the conventional wisdom is that applying for those opportunities is simply a matter of clicking on the Submit button. Unfortunately, however, there's a bit more to it, at least you want to get interviewed and possibly hired.

I'm going to let you in on the two secrets to success in applying for a job online. First, be smart about how you apply. As easy and appealing as it may be, the shotgun approach doesn't work. Those who apply for every interesting job they see - whether or not they are qualified - NEVER get interviewed or hired for one of those positions.

If you want to maximize the odds of actually getting hired, use a much more discerning approach when applying. Select only those openings where you are a perfect or near-perfect match with the job's specifications.

In most cases, those specifications will be organized into "Responsibilities" and "Requirements." The first describes the tasks involved in performing a job while the second details the skills and knowledge a candidate must have in order to be considered qualified for that opening.

While matching the specifications is obviously important, however, it would be a mistake to use that criterion as the sole basis for your decision about whether or not to apply for a job. Why is that? Because success at work doesn't depend only on your qualifications. It is also influenced by something called "fit."

Research shows that the number one reason a new hire doesn't succeed in an organization isn't because they can't do the work. It's because they don't fit in. Their personality and values are out of synch with the culture and values of the organization.

What does that mean for you? If you apply for a job in an organization where you don't fit in, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and even failure. Or, to put it another way, a key to success is to focus on jobs in organizations that are the right fit for you.

How to Determine the Right Fit for You

Fit has nothing to do with whether an employer is "good" or "bad." It is, instead, a measure of whether you and the employer are compatible with each other.

While there are any number of different aspects to person-employer fit, the three most important are:

· Structure: An employer can have a very flat structure or a hierarchical one.

· Process: An employer can accomplish its work in teams or by individual effort.

· Mode of Supervision: An employer can provide lots of direction and oversight or rely on individual initiative and independence.

There are just two steps involved in using those three factors to evaluate your fit with a prospective employer:

First, know what works best for you. In what kind of structure, with what kind of process and under what mode of supervision would you be most comfortable and, therefore, most likely to perform at your peak?

Second, know how an employer gets work done. Determine the structure, process and mode of supervision in any organization you're considering. Job postings rarely provide such details, but you can often pin them down by examining the content at an employer's corporate career site or by reaching out to its employees on their blogs, Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles.

Why bother?

Here's the second secret to a successful application. Recruiters are well aware of the importance of fit so they use that factor as well as match to decide who will be invited to interview. Proving you're a good fit, therefore, is just as important to your success as proving that you are qualified for an opening.

Once you've determined an employer's structure, process and mode of supervision (and that you're compatible with them), promote your fit in your cover letter or message and on your resume. Describe your ability to perform at your peak in an organization with its structure, process and mode of supervision.

In today's overcrowded job market, there are two secrets to success when applying for a job. First, apply only where you match a job's specification and are a good fit with the employer, and second, make sure the employer knows just how good a match and fit you are.

Thanks for reading,
Visit me at

P.S. Please tell your colleagues and friends about WEDDLE's Newsletter. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and so will we. <>

Special Sneak Preview <>

While I'm first and foremost a writer, I also serve as the executive director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites, the trade organization for jobs boards, career portals and social media sites. That role has given me a unique perspective on the changing world of work in the United States and the new strategies and tactics required for success in today's job market.

I've now shared that knowledge in a new book that's coming out this month. Called, The Success Matrix, it includes dozens of short, easy-to-read articles organized into two sections:

· How to Find a New or Better Job in a Tough Job Market

· How to Hang Onto Your Job in an Unpredictable Economy.

While admitting to some bias, I don't think there's a better guide to job search and career success available anywhere. And at just $14.95, it's a bargain, as well.

The book is not yet available in bookstores, so here's your chance to give a truly unique and worthwhile gift both to yourself and to those you care about.

To order, call WEDDLE's at 203-964-1888. <>

Job Nation: The 100 Best Employment Sites <>

The American Staffing Association called Peter Weddle the "Zagat" of the online employment industry. Now, you can tap his expertise to find the best employment sites for you.


Get Job Nation: The 100 Best Employment Sites on the Web <> . It's Peter Weddle's pick of the top job boards, career portals and professional networking sites on the Internet.

Every site is profiled with a complete consumer's guide to its features, services and resources.

Job Nation is simply the best way to use the Internet to find a new or better job. And, it retails for just $14.95.

Get the book at <> or at <> . But, wherever you get it, get Job Nation today. <>

Get a Career Checkup at <>

Let's be honest. Most of us spend only one day a year paying attention to our career. The only time we focus on it is that single day when we receive our annual performance appraisal and salary review.

In today's fast paced and always changing world of work, however, careers can grow flabby and out of shape literally overnight. Why's that important if you're looking for a job? Because you won't get hired with a wimpy career.

So, give your career a quick check-up. Take the Career Fitness Evaluation at <> . It's FREE and will give you a good sense of the strength, reach and endurance of your career.

Then, take a look at the Career Fitness Regimen described at the site. It's an easy-to-follow program of activities that will help you compete successful in the job market and on-the-job. <>


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IT Position at Diocese of Trenton NJ

Posted by: "Joe Paslawski"   joe_paslawski

Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:22 pm (PST)

If interested please respond directly to Joseph Bianchi at
Computer Help Desk Support


Remote support of parish & school personnel: diocesan applications including assisting users with connectivity issues


Help desk support for chancery staff with desktop/laptop computer, software, printer and telephone issues


Configure, and install desktop computers, laptops, printers and telephones


Support mobile operating systems including tablets and smart phones
Position requires excellent problem solving, communication, and interpersonal skills, along with patience, a customer-friendly attitude and the ability to work in a team environment.  Strong technical understanding of desktop hardware, software, and operating systems; networking, firewalls and security.   Minimum of three years helpdesk experience along with a bachelor's degree or a two year degree and additional equivalent work experience in a helpdesk setting
Bilingual skills a plus

Career Connection Series: 5 Helpful Tips to Successfully Negotiate i

Posted by: "Eric Nilsson"   norsemantechnology

Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:05 pm (PST)

Career Connection Series: 5 Helpful Tips to Successfully Negotiate in a
Tough Job Market

Categories: Career Connection Series
<> , Employment
<> , Guest Blogger

By Guest Blogger Shabana Wollin, PMP, Independent Consultant; Designer of
<> , a social media network for finding
employment & other community resources; and Owner of Bluefrog Technologies

Negotiation is an art. Some people are naturally good at it, and some people
need guidance to negotiate effectively. Negotiation is a part of our
everyday lives. Take a moment to think about the number of times during the
course of a day that you negotiate in some way, shape or form at home or at
work. But in order to negotiate well, you must be able to communicate

These five tips will help you to negotiate better during your job search:

See the suggestions here:

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[itroundtable] Fw: IT Management Opportunity


--- On Fri, 12/16/11, Ed Southwell <> wrote:

From: Ed Southwell <>
Subject: IT Management Opportunity
To: "Sabina Margeton, PMP" <>
Date: Friday, December 16, 2011, 11:08 AM


Good morning. I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ed Southwell and I work for Kingston O'Neill, a search firm located in the Raleigh NC area. I direct our engineering practice but am providing some additional support to our clinical and regulatory team at the moment. You and I have not spoken before but I am reaching out to you, hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction.

We are partnering with a very successful client of ours who is looking to hire a Senior IT Project Manager to be based in NYC. We are ideally looking for an individual with 10+ years of experience, most of which was focused on clinical research IT support. The role will focus on selection and implementation of EDC, CTMS and other related IT infrastructure. I am curious who comes to mind in your circle that you would recommend we connect with about this opportunity?

I appreciate any help or advice you may be able to provide. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Ed Southwell
View Ed's LinkedIn profile
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(Free Webinar) 5 Secrets to Getting a Job You'll Love

Posted by: "JohnH"   johnwesthadley

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:34 am (PST)

Don't miss out on this free 1 hour webinar on Monday at 6PM that has
generated comments like these:

"Thanks for an enlightening session yesterday. You gave us a lot to
think about...It was excellent."

"Thank you for sharing the 5 secrets. You did a great job conducting
the class. The material presented reinforced what I am doing well and
where I need to improve."

Discover: * How to set a clear, focused target and avoid wasting time
on blind alleys * How to uncover the unique value you bring to the
table * Common errors in presentation that can undermine your search
* Techniques for creating an exceptional marketing message * Why so
many interviewers fail to impress the hiring manager

Join in from the convenience of your home or office. It's a free
webinar, but you must register to receive the call-in instructions at:


John West Hadley
Career Search Counselor
(908) 725-2437

"Land The Job & Pay You Deserve"

Get 100's of Career Tips at

Human Capital Management Project Manager/Business Anlyst, Investment

Posted by: "Robert Hopson"   robert_hopson

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:34 am (PST)

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 9:26 AM
Subject: Human Capital Management Project Manager/Business Anlyst, Investment Bank,NJ

Hello Robert,

I thought  you would be interested to  hear about this particular Contract position at a a leading global investment banking and securities firm.(the reference # for this position:19333)

Human Capital Management Project Manager/Business Analyst

Detailed Info:  to run multiple small and/or medium sized complex HCM projects that leverage technology.  Develop project plans and ensure deadlines are being met.  Work with users to define requirements.  Document and validate requirement with users.  Communicate requirements to HCM Information Technology (IT).  Collaborate with HCM IT to design solution.  Maintain issues and decisions log. Recommend approach for resolving an issue.  Manage stakeholders.  Ensure system is tested appropriately.  Develop and deploy communication and training plans. 

Development/Computing Environment: Proven project management / business analyst capabilities.  Ability to work with multiple stakeholders to effect consensus decision making and ability to drive results.  Strong collaboration and ability to manage cross functionally.  Strong organizational and prioritization skills.  Strong listening, presentation and written communication skills.  Ability to translate analytics into actionable recommendations.  6+ years experience in project management / business analyst type work.  4+ year experience in HCM Technology (e.g. HRMS, reporting systems, etc.)  Experience with data standardization or data conversion type projects (preferred).  Experience with working with core HR outsourced provider or internal shared services (preferred).  Experience with PeopleSoft or SAP.  Bachelor degree required 

This position is at a Jersey City location. It offers a competitive compensation.

Please contact me by email along with an updated resume, your current rate/salary & compensation requirements, as well as your citizenship status and availability if you are interested in this position.  If you are not currently available, but know someone who is interested I would appreciate your referral greatly.

Also, If you don't want me to notify you of future job openings with our clients, please let me know.  Just send me an email or call me at 212 616-4800 ext. 100.

Thank you,
Stephanie Heath

212 616-4800 ext. 100
Test your Tech Skills online:
SANS Consulting Services, Inc.

Article "Tips for Surviving the Job Hunt During the Holidays"

Posted by: "Peter Lutz"   peter_f_lutz

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:34 am (PST)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Ruthie Powell" <>
Date: Dec 16, 2011 8:01 AM
Subject: [Atlanta Business Links] Article "Tips for Surviving the Job Hunt
During the Holidays"
To: "Mikal Jackson of Jackson Coaching" <>, "" <>, <>, <>,
<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>,
<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>



This Issue...All I Want for Christmas is an Awesome Job


Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Join Us for a FREE Webinar:

PR <>
& Marketing: ‘Tis the Season to Get Experience

Cachinko Webinar â€" Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST

Even Santa needs good PR sometimes! This webinar will focus on experience
opportunities PR & marketing students can take advantage of during breaks,
after school, and in class.

Learning Objectives:

* Discover new ways to gain PR & marketing experience
* Learn strategies to make the most out of PR & marketing experience
* Hear real questions asked by aspiring PR & marketing professionals

Click here to register <>

Join Us for a FREE Webinar: Questions for Cachinko: Solving the Toughest
Job Search Challenges <>

About the Speaker: Heather R. Huhman is the Career & Recruiting Advisor for
Cachinko. She is also the founder & president of Come Recommended <>
, author of <>
Lies, Damned Lies & Internships: The Truth About Getting from Classroom to
Cubicle (2011), <>
#ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career from Classroom to Cubicle (2010), and
writes career and recruiting advice for numerous outlets <>


What’s Next? Part 1: 8 Steps to Take After Submitting an Application

When you know the next steps in your job search, everything seems a lot

In this three part series, I will write all about what’s next in the job
search â€" after submitting an application, after interviewing, and after
receiving a job offer.

You’ve scored an awesome job lead, tailored your resume, crafted an
inspirational cover letter and sent it away to your (hopefully) next
employer. What’s next?


After review <>


What’s Next? Part 2: 3 Steps to Take After an Interview

You researched, applied, and scored that interview. You did your best and
answered all the questions, but what’s next?


Stressed out student <>


7 Tips on Handling Your Job Search During the Holidays

If you’ve found yourself looking for a job this time of year, it can be a
little disheartening. Seasonal help has been hired and employers are simply
focusing their efforts elsewhere.

​It can be pretty easy to throw up your hands and resort to eating your
niece’s gingerbread house. While that’s not necessarily a bad idea, check
out these seven tips to rock your job search during the holidays…


So many skills! <>


News You Might Have Missed…

Great Tips for Job Seekers on Twitter

5 Areas That Can Reinvent, Reimagine, and Reinvigorate Your Business! <>

ResumeBear, 12/05/11

Deborah Shane, Personal Branding Blog, 11/28/11

How to Use Google Voice as a Job Search Tool <>

How Job Seekers Are Using Mobile <>

TheJobBored, 11/30/11

Lauren Drell, Mashable, 11/27/11


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77598 USA.
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below to Opt-Out / Unsubscribe.

Copyright © 2011 Cachinko. All Rights Reserved.

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5 Resume Tips: Do What Most Job Seekers Don't

Posted by: "Peter Lutz"   peter_f_lutz

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:35 am (PST)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Gary Wright - Wright Associates" <>
Date: Dec 16, 2011 8:01 AM
Subject: [NewEnglandNetworking] 5 Resume Tips: Do What Most Job Seekers
To: <>



*5 Resume Tips: Do What Most Job Seekers Don't*

When it comes to writing a great resume, there are no hard and fast rules
or specific formats that you should adhere to; however, your resume should
be targeted to each specific job that you are applying to. In addition, it
must be concise, clear, command attention and stand out from the pack.

*Include a Title for the Job You Want*

Use a professional title for the position that you want. An improper job
title will only serve to position you at a level far below the
responsibility or salary level you are seeking to achieve. Including a job
title can greatly increase the number of interview calls that you get for
higher positions and improve your chances of clinching a higher salary -
and when you start at a higher salary, your career growth is also

*Include an Executive Summary (what you can do for them) - Not an Objective

An executive summary should be clear and well defined, consisting of a
short paragraph or four to five bulleted points. It should focus on how
your skills can benefit the employer, not on what the employer can do for
you. Using action words will help to convey you as an intelligent and
active individual capable of making contributions to accomplish company
goals. Highlight your strengths and achievements clearly and quickly.
Recruiters and hiring managers want to see information that is to the
point, and hardly have time to dig for buried nuggets of information hidden
in your resume.

*Include Relevant Information*

Let's state the obvious - your resume is targeted at landing interviews. In
effect, you are advertising your capabilities and experience. Therefore,
you need to provide precise, accurate and relevant information. Your resume
should be able to convey relevant information, but at the same time, the
resume should also convey a message that if the hiring manager buys this
product (YOU) it will lead to positive and direct benefits in specific
areas where their needs exist (the job).

*Brag - With PROOF!*

When it comes to your resume, you can forget modesty. Brag if you have
irrefutable proof that establishes you as an outstanding performer (notice
I didn't say exaggerate or lie). Give your resume an accomplishment-driven
profile. Accomplishments are results you produce by resolving problems, or
when you overcome a real or perceived obstacle. Mention any project that
you spearheaded that served to heighten employee morale, revenues or
company savings. Formulate 'Problem-Action-Result' (PAR) statements to
convey your ability for producing similar or better results in your future

*Highlight Achievements - NOT Responsibilities*

Although important, listing responsibilities should not form the focus of
your resume. Responsibilities are passive - achievements project you as an
active, dynamic individual. When you are seeking a higher position, your
achievements rather than your responsibilities acquire crucial importance -
so don't clump the two together. Write a paragraph giving an overview of
your responsibilities and then highlight your achievements with bullets.
When you want to sell something, you must make it stand out.

Having a well-written resume is crucial when it comes to getting interview
calls. Following the 5 tips above will ensure that you maximize your

- Heather Eagar

Recognized as a leading expert in the employment search industry, Heather
Eagar is passionate about providing working professionals with current,
reliable and effective job search tools and information. If you need to
hire a resume writing service, Heather offers reviews of the top companies
in the industry at <>

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