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Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:02 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Our client, an industry leader has an immediate opportunity for a Lead Technical Systems Analyst

If interested, please send your resume to Tony

The primary role of this candidate will be to provide leadership to technical systems analysts (TSAs) in producing, delivering and maintaining functional specifications documents (FSD) by collaborating with broad based cross-functional team members from technical, business partners and quality assurance areas.

This individual will also play a critical consultative role, at various stages of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), to partner with lead developers, solution engineers and testers in producing a variety of key documentation that include Software Architecture Document, Technical Specification Document and Requirements Traceability Matrix.

In the process, this individual will participate in various reviews with business partners and technical members throughout the SDLC.

Responsibilities include:

Detailed understanding of business requirements

Produce Functional specification document

Review Technical Specification document

Provide analysis estimates for projects and initiatives

Collaborate with interfacing applications

Analyze defects reported by quality assurance team

Collaborate with business partners for seeking clarifications on requirements

Coordinate and manage other Technical Systems Analyst on the team


Bachelor degree in CS or equivalent experience preferred 5+ Years experience working in a highly collaborative role within a technology organization
Prior experience in the development and design of functional specifications for complex projects Prior experience with programming/development is a must;
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and presentation skills
Ability to handle multiple and competing priorities
Knowledge of tooling in the Application Lifecycle Management space will be a huge plus
Experience with analytical tools such as MS Office Suite, Visio, Basic SQL
Experience with versioning software Experience with commonly used SDLC methodologies such as waterfall, iterative, agile, etc.
Good understanding of relational databases (RDB) and RDB design with the ability to create and read Entity Relationship Diagrams
Knowledge of Insurance products like Group Life, Optional etc. is a plus
Group Insurance billing knowledge will be a plus
Prior experience of Sungard Compass application is HUGE plus

Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:13 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Brian Mecca" bd_mecca

Breakfast Club NJ Presents:  Mahesh Harvu
- "No Limits! - Realize your
potential in your career aspirations"
Saturday January 12,
2013 at 8:00 am
I want this to be an
experiential topic where I will be sharing my journey from having worked in
corporate then into entrepreneurship helping people find jobs and back into
corporate as a senior exec. Interspersed in this, I was going to share
approaches to land job interviews and what employers look for.  Supplemented to this was my own personal
journey in the last 15 years which also had a milestone in the recent past with
my book being published.
About The Speaker:
Mahesh Harvu is a man of faith.
In his quest to understand the true "self," he realized that a practical and
concise methodology dedicated to achieving complete synchronicity between the
body and soul was needed.
In his professional life,
Mahesh is a Vice President in a Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods company. A
MS in Technology and a MBA university award winner in the US, Mahesh is a faculty
member for MS/MBA students.
begins at 7:30 am, meeting starts promptly at 8:00 am.
sure to tell your friends and bring them along.  Be a part of our growing
network of Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Career Coaches, and people
who want to be able to help themselves and each other.
Event Location:
Days Hotel Conference Center
195 Rt. 18 South, East Brunswick,
NJ 08816
The Breakfast Club NJ
10 Points for Good Member Citizenship

1) Attend meetings regularly to keep group
strong and help pay back to others (meeting logistics on our website

2) Keep anti-virus on your machine up to date and run scan regularly

3) Review messages and if request for assistance please help whenever possible

4) Join groups linked in group and connect to other members directly
(questions see Gerry Peyton)

5) Join groups Facebook group and connect to other members directly (questions
see Adrienne Roman)

6) Join groups twitter account (questions see George Pace)

7) If you run across someone in transition invite them to join our group and
sponsor them through process (details on our website

8) Sunday mornings listen to our radio show, "Your Career Is
Calling", at 8am ET either on radio at 107.7 or via internet
24/7 live or on demand at (as this is
a call in show your calls help make it successful)

9) If you are in transition put your elevator pitch in writing to group, ask
for help with job search issues or connecting to people at target companies,
regularly post job opportunities (from email you joined the group - send email

10) Help fellow members whenever possible

Information on "The Breakfast Club NJ":  (
There is information below on the location, other
information, etc.  There is a meeting fee of $10 to help us cover the cost
of the hotel conference room for the meeting. 
Go to http://www.thebreakfastclubnj.comfor more information and how to join the Yahoo group. 
You can join the yahoo group at any time; you do not need to have attended a
meeting.  You can also attend meetings at any time without having joined
the yahoo group.
If you have any questions, please let me know ( or send an email to
We look forward to seeing everyone let's make this a great
meeting for our members that are in transition and welcome those that have
Meeting Format:
7:30 to
8:00 - Open Networking
8:00 to
8:15 - Welcome and housekeeping
8:15 to
9:30 – Presentation by the guest speaker
9:30 to
11:00 - Elevator Pitch - 30 Seconds about yourself, who you are, what you are
looking for, target companies (3-4), how we can help you, how you can help
until  you choose to leave  -  Open Networking, follow up with people
you are interested in meeting following their elevator pitch, exchange business
cards, peruse the library, arrange follow up meetings, etc.
- Make sure you come with the 30 second elevator pitch - honed - including your
targeted companies, your value proposition, etc.
2 - If
you are not already a member of our linked in and Facebook groups please join
3 -
Once linked to our groups - link to each other - a strong network is a vital
component to a successful job search
4 - If
you are a member and new to transition send a brief message to the group (from
the email you joined the breakfast club from) introducing yourself - and what companies you are
targeting - we have 2500+ members that will respond with help where they can
Brian Mecca
The Breakfast Club NJ
Director Member Services
Manager, Infrastructure and Technology
Keep the faith, keep networking, never give up, never say die. 
That position you are looking for may be just around the corner, but
you have to go look for it, it is not going to come to you.
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Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:13 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Brian Mecca" bd_mecca

January Meeting is this Saturday 1/12 at 8:00 am


The Breakfast Club NJ is the premier networking group of New Jersey. It has grown to over 3,800+ members,
at least one in almost every state, over 600+ of these sitting C-Level Execs and has helped over 6,000+ people 
land new opportunities and put the trying times of job transition behind them.

Imagine all of this started with just 2 people having Breakfast together and learning how to network

As many of you landed over the years you would ask me what you can do in return. I have never taken anything personally all I have asked that you help me pay it forward by continuing to attend meetings, introducing others you come across in transition, referring recruiters, things that contribute to strengthening and growing the group. We need all  of us - each and everyone one of us - to continue these actions to keep the group as strong as it can be so it can be here for new members and we have had people land some as many as four times during it's existence.

As we are in that time of year where we reflect on what is important and make commitments and resolutions I ask each of you to think about your transition and how the breakfast club nj had helped you and to renew your commitment to the group by committing to help us out going forward

1 - Attend meetings when you can - we are at the Days Hotel - Route 18 East Brunswick - 2nd Saturday each month at 8am as always - stop in see your old friends and make new ones - share your advice to those in transition - and possibly be the missing link that helps someone in transition get that next opportunity

2 - If you come across someone in transition - refer them to the website - - guide them through the process to join - supply their contact info: name, phone & email - and you as their sponsor

3 - Go that extra mile and attend the first meeting with them - introduce them to others in the group - teach them how to do an elevator pitch in advance so they can be prepared to participate right in their very first meeting

4 - Be active by posting new job opportunities to our community - we all get job opportunities every day as you get them share them with the group by simply forwarding them to from the email that you supplied when you provided your contact info when you joined the group

5 - Live our groups motto - help others whenever you can - read the postings and if someone needs help with an introduction or info with a targeted company - if you have the information they are seeking reach out to them and help them. Remember back when you were in transition and how these random acts of kindness were so instrumental in helping you and brightening your day

6 - Practice good group citizenship by keeping your computing device's antivirus up to date and fully functioning. Our "TheBreakfastClubNJ" Yahoo Group CANNOT get infected with a virus but can forward an email containing a link that one can click on that can effect the recipients machine. Only defense we have is if both the sender and receiver both have antivirus up to date and fully functioning on both ends of the messaging. 

7 - Meeting structure - we usually open with welcome & housekeeping, then a guest speaker, have everyone do their elevator pitch, and close with open networking. We came to this structure and approach by attending other networking meetings and determining what was most effective. If you have ideas on how we can improve the effectiveness and the level of satisfaction with attending the meeting we are always open to suggestions. Please always feel welcome to suggest new approaches to keep the meetings fresh, informative, and fun!

Guys I can't do this alone - I am very lucky to have several core people that have helped out TREMENDOUSLY over the last several years from greeting at the door, to arranging speakers, to running a group library, to managing our linked in group and facebook group, to special efforts to grow the participation in these groups, to teaching our members social networking skills and tools like Twitter, to showing up and participating regularly - THERE ARE NOW 3,800+ of us - I need each of you to help out whenever you can - if you did we could land everyone in transition every meeting given our size and focus of alumni - wouldn't that be great! The only hurdle I haven't been able to effectively conquer as of yet is how to effectively engage and keep our alumni involved - please help me get the needed traction on this goal.

We need your participation to keep the group strong so starting with our next meeting mark your calendars and join us as much as your calendars can permit. I definitely can't do this alone. As competing priorities arise remember how important this group is if you are ever in transition again and how important keeping it strong is to you and all the rest of the members. Together we have built something special and very strong in this forever changed world after 9/11 let's keep it going, keep it as strong as we can, and continue to evolve it to the next level. Please mark these dates in your calendars for 2013
January 12
February 9
March 9
April 13
May 11
June 8
July 13
August 10
September 14
October 12
November 9
December 14

Thank you for your time, your friendship, and in advance your support, attendence and active participation. If I can effectively get the groups ALUMNI engaged we can really start doing some outstanding work with the networking group on career management and being proactive and continuing to move this group to new plateaus. So after 10 years I still have enough gas in my tank to make the effort to the next plateau - please join me on this exciting trip of taking this premier networking group to it's next level of capabilities in helping our members.

If we haven't spoken in a while please drop me an email and let me know that you've read this and will be putting these meeting dates in your calendars, recommitting to the success of our group, and if you feel comfortable sharing with all the members in the group do so, let's get some strong momentum going as we have a real diamond in the rough here and it's time to realize it's true potential is right before us and i am looking forward to us achieving it TOGETHER!

Frank Kovacs
Founder, The Breakfast Club NJ
Put your Career Networking Group network to work ...
Join the CNG LinkedIn Group.
[Link is on the CNG Yahoo! Group home page.]

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Director of Sales Effectiveness in NYC by "Keith Bogen SPHR" hrslugger2002
Fwd: Need.....SQL Server DBA @ NY by "avi wagshol" awagshol
Fwd: Data Center Operations Manager by "Alex Arnold" bikezilla64


Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:47 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Keith Bogen SPHR" hrslugger2002

Position Title:  Director, Sales Effectiveness
Location:  New York City

Reports To:  Sr. Director, Talent and Organizational Development

Position Summary:
The Director of Sales Effectiveness is responsible for supporting the Ad Sales department in hitting short and long term revenue objectives. The position will support Sales Offices/Field locations in NY, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Atlanta and the new Inside Sales Organization.  In order to accomplish this goal, the Manager of SFE will engage all relevant internal and external resources and services to provide the sales force with the tools and guidance needed to hit objectives.  The position will be based in Atlanta and reports directly to the Sr. Director, Talent and Organizational Development.  The Manager of Sales Effectiveness is a key resource for the Ad Sales Team and is accountable for ensuring the highest level of customer service.

Specific Responsibilities
·         Works to ensure highest level of Sales Associate, Account Manager and Sales Manager training & development including:
o    New Hire Onboarding
o    Product Knowledge
o    Sales Process
o    Professional Selling Skills
o    Presentation Skills
o    Leadership Development (Strategy, Coaching, Execution, etc.)
o    Internal systems; Dealmaker, Solbright, PeopleSoft, SalesForce
·         Partners with key stakeholders in Ad Sales to conduct training needs analysis and performance gap analysis to identify strategic learning path
·         Identifies and maintains digital learning environments for access at all locations
·         Utilizes progressive learning techniques such as podcasts, just in time training, collaboration sites, and open document software
·         Clearly defines and tracks roles and responsibilities for Sales Associates, Account Managers and Sales Directors
·         Assists with the evaluation, tracking and development of leaders and sellers utilizing a clearly defined model of behaviors/outputs
·         Integrates key models into existing systems to operationalize training
·         Work with subject matter experts to develop learning initiatives. Program development would include designing/ building training modules, progressive learning environments, and on-the-job training opportunities
·         Manages in conjunction with the leadership the preparation, implementation and continuous follow-up for all sales conferences
·         Responsible for clarifying and tracking career development opportunities, and guiding learning initiatives, development opportunities and stretch experiences to prepare employees for the next level within the Sales organization or TWC
·         Benchmark competitors' training programs; researches best practices in sales learning and development
·         Manages vendor relationships; including contracting, design, delivery and evaluation.
·         Designs and assists with or conducts orientation sessions and arranges on-the-job training for new hires
·         Ensures managers know how to coach and train their employees. Teaches managers to develop leaders
·         Develop metrics for evaluating learning and development initiatives
·         Prioritize projects in order to deliver programs that elevate extraordinary customer care results among the customer facing population

·         Learning and Development experience (7+ years), outside and inside sales training experience (3 years +) preferred
·         Superior writing, oral presentation
·         Proficiency in applying training and development theories (adult learning theories) and techniques
·         Knowledge of training interventions, ability to apply interventions appropriately
·         Proficiency in developing web-based, computer-based training and digital learning
·         Experience with Microsoft Office
·         Full sales cycle experience (from prospecting through account maintenance) preferred
·         Consultative Sales experience preferred
Skills Requirements:
·         Proficient in developing client proposals/presentations
·         Ability & flexibility to review own progress and adapt to changing objectives of the market
·         Excellent communication skills including being articulate in all environments
·         Problem solver and able to translate customer needs into solutions
·         Must possess the following core characteristics:  professional demeanor, team player & personal/professional integrity, results oriented

·         Bachelor's Degree required, Masters degree preferred

Important Success Factors:
·         Self-motivated and goal-oriented person with a drive to succeed and accomplish the mission
·         Active communicator in hearing the needs of internal and external customers and responsive in satisfying those needs with solutions
·         Holds themselves and others accountable for results
·         Can troubleshoot with an eye toward anticipating, identifying and forming solutions to problems
·         A flexible mindset that thrives in and enjoys the challenges of rapid change and ambiguity
·         Possesses a "can do" attitude; goal and deadline oriented
·         Confident team player with strong interpersonal skills who can work across multiple functions to achieve goals
·         Able to present ideas and generate enthusiasm and support around them
·         Ability to travel up to 40% of the time

Please send your resume to

Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:25 am (PST) . Posted by:

"avi wagshol" awagshol

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Venkat P>
Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Subject: Need.....SQL Server DBA @ NY

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Requirement List
Requirement Title Need.....SQL Server DBA @ NY . Description

*Title:* SQL Server DBA
*Location:* New York City Midtown
*Duration*: 1yr
*Start:* ASAP
*Positions:* 2
*Skills Need: *
- Must have a Minimum of 6 years experience as a SQL Server
DBA experience required (6+ years preferred)
- Must have extensive experience in managing and maintaining
SQL Server 2008R2 database environments.
- Must have extensive experience with backup and recovery
plans, re-index operations, update statistics, and other system
commands/objects such as DBCC and DMVs.
- Must have extensive experience in clustered SQL environments
- Must have extensive experience building, maintaining and
patching SQL Server stand-alone and clustered environments
- Experience setting up Disaster Recovery environments including log
shipping and database mirroring technologies
- Must have extensive experience with database migration
between various environments (production, QA, staging)
- Must have extensive experience in troubleshooting and
resolving database issues such as connectivity, security, and other related
system issues such as CPU, memory, I/O, disk space and other resource
- Must have extensive experience in Performance Tuning, Query
Optimization, Blocking and deadlocking analysis, as well as familiarity
using Performance Monitor, SQL Profiler and other related monitoring and
troubleshooting tools.
- Must have extensive experience automating operational tasks
with Powershell.
- Must have extensive experience with SQL database
development: tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, triggers,
constraints, etc.
- Must have extensive experience with Definition and
Documentation of Standards/Processes
- Must have extensive experience providing SQL Database
Operational support to various teams (development, QA, etc.).
- Must have extensive experience with SQL Server BI components
such as Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services a
- Must have extensive experience with windows server,
security, and storage components a plus
- Microsoft certifications a plus
- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, MIS or equivalent
work experience required

Pearson is seeking a SQL Server DBA consultant responsible for providing
operational database services to the organization. Some of the primary
responsibilities of this role would include owning, tracking and resolving
database related incidents and requests, fulfilling requests and resolving
incidents, reviewing service related reports (e.g: database backups,
maintenance, monitoring) on a daily basis to ensure service related issues
are identified and resolved within established SLAs, responding to database
related alerts and escalations and working with database engineering to
come up with strategic solutions to recurring problems. Some 24x7 On-Call
support as Database Subject Matter Expert is required.

This MS SQL Server DBA role requires a service oriented mentality, high
sense of ownership of the problems and requests assigned, focus on managing
and resolving issues in alignment with the SLAs, establishing and
maintaining communication with technology customers to keep them updated
with status of their requests, initiating and performing changes on
production systems and proactively escalating any issues that cannot be
resolved within the established timeframes.

Number of Openings : 1 Respond to this

Thanks and Regards
*Venkat P*
*Technical Recruiter*

14175 Sullyfield Circle, Suite # 400,Chantilly, VA 20151, U.S.A
Ph: 703-955-3579 Fax:703-995-0830 Yahoo: vpaidipala
Ranked No.9 in the Washington DC area-*Washington Business Journal, 2011;*
Smart CEO Award Winner By SMART CEO Magazine, Baltimore,
*Inc5000* *Recognized Fastest growing private company in U.S.A*
Office Locations: Washington D.C|
Atlanta | Boston |Hyderabad, India

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unsubscribe from our mailing list.
USM Business Systems Inc., 14175 Sullyfield Circle, Suite # 400, Chantilly,
VA, Virginia, 20151 Phone: 1-703-263-0855 Fax: 1-703-263-2113
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Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:24 pm (PST) . Posted by:

"Alex Arnold" bikezilla64


Good Luck!

Alex Arnold*

*IT Infrastructure, Technical Liaison, Project Management,
Technical Documentation, Process & Evaluations
Cortlandt Manor, NY

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erica Chacon>
Date: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 4:27 PM
Subject: Data Center Operations Manager

*Location: New York, NY*
*Contract: 12+ months*
*Rate: OPEN*

*Position Description:*
The role includes white space management, change management, and incident
management in support of the primary Data Center Operations Manager. The
data center workload consists of business critical IT equipment, vendor
equipment and telecom equipment. He/she may participate in datacenter
fit-out projects reconfigure or expand current capacity. Individual will
report to and work with the primary Operations Manager and may be
responsible for multiple sites and for horizontal management and planning
for those sites.

Specific deliverables:
Interface with the ECC, EC and ET teams for ongoing review, sign off (and
closing out once complete) of proposed changes to the Data Center
(Technology Change Management (TCM) Service request reviews).
Deployment of EDC standards (e.g., change management, incident management,
inventory management, etc.) (EDC- Enterprise Data Centers).
Ongoing management of timely and accurate inventory tracking & maintenance.
Operations project admin and coordination - meetings, requirements, OPS
support planning, logistics and coverage.
Financial review and spend tracking.
BAU operations procedures and standards compliance admin, OPS metric and
SLA measurement.
DCP program OPS coordination and support.
Security Access Request (SAR) admin., Access review/ approvals for requests
to the Data. Monthly Data Center access/activity review and Security audits.
Ongoing capacity management (power space and cooling).
Monthly capacity metric reporting.
Ongoing liaison/ interaction with EI infrastructure teams (verify capacity
dependencies e.g. telco network/ storage availability etc.).
Participate in all phases of the datacenter fit-out project from planning
to deployment.

*Skills Required:*
5+yrs in Data Center Facilities Project Management and Coordination.
BS degree in related area or equivalent experience.
Excellent consultative, mentoring and negotiation skills.
Ability to understand system requirements, business drivers, and
priorities, and integrate these requirements into overall data center
Ability to work independently in a self-directed manner and collaboratively
as a team leader or member.
Excellent technical and/or analytical skills.
Ability to create and implement detailed action plans.
Experience in M&E and IMAC services.
Data Center Operations experience in 24x7 critical facility.
Knowledge of or Experience in IT Cabling, Networks and Engineering Projects.
Knowledge of IT infrastructure systems (e.g. Cooling, electrical and
emergency systems) and consolidation strategies.
Possesses technical skills in basic knowledge of networking or demonstrates
aptitude to learn them.
Performs medium to size technical tasks with average to high level of
High level of desktop applications competency (e.g., Microsoft Office,
Microsoft Project, e-mail, etc.)

*Will require travel between NYC and NJ, with the possibility of locations
outside the tri-state area.*
*May require working on weekends*

If you or someone you know is qualified or has similar experience, contact
me directly at
We offer attractive referral bonuses! We'll pay a referral of $3,000 for
Perm (after 30 Days) or $1000 for consultants. ($500 paid at 30-days and
another $500 paid at 270-days from the consultants start date)

Erica Chacon
Technical Recruiter
Mitchell Martin Inc.
307 West 38th street, NY, NY, 10018

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Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:36 pm (PST) . Posted by:

"Keith Bogen SPHR" hrslugger2002

The Everest Group is working to place a Director of Sales/Business Development. Please see the complete description below to determine if this position is in line with your background. If interested, please send your resume in MS Word (.doc) format to Nicholas Weeks at

Also, please consider your professional network and share this information with anyone who may be interested.

For a complete list of positions The Everest Group is currently working to fill, please visit our website at

Please understand that The Everest Group receives a substantial number of responses to our job postings and emails. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to each email individually. If the position is a fit with your background, someone from The Everest Group will be in touch with you for next steps. If, for whatever reason, it is not a fit, The Everest Group will keep your information in our confidential database and we will continue to keep you in mind for future opportunities. We appreciate your understanding and we value you as a member of our professional network. Thank you.


Nicholas Weeks
Administrative Assistant
The Everest Group
Phone 626-963-4503
Fax 626-857-7468
Director of Sales/Business Development
Our client is a rapidly expanding, nationally known logistics company offering custom ocean, air, transportation, and logistics services to their selective clients throughout the country. Our client is seeking multiple Directors of Sales/Business Development to sell NVOCC services to new and existing clients. The ideal candidate will be a high caliber sales individual who is eager to take advantage of the opportunity to earn double or triple the base salary through an aggressive commission program.
Multiple Locations (Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta) รข€" Virtual Office
The Director of Sales/Business Development will be responsible for selling international air/ocean freight forwarding and customs brokerage services.
Roles include:
* Identifying and engaging potential customers in assigned territory
* Securing appointments with key management to understand current business conditions and future opportunities
* Aligning services to business needs using technical, organizational, and customer knowledge
* Preparing and presenting formal proposals, leading negotiations, coordinating complex decision-making processes, and overcoming objections to closure
* Developing and maintaining a sales territory marketing plan by developing strategies to maintain and increase business with each account
* Ensuring the highest level of service through problem identification/resolution, industry expertise, and account maintenance
* BS degree; or equivalent combination of education and experience
* 5+ years industry experience
* 3+ years of related International/NVOCC sales experience
* Customs brokerage and purchase order management sales experience a plus
* Must have a proven sales track record and have a history of consistently being in the top tier of sales results
* Demonstrated experience in creating and delivering service presentations and closing new business
* $100,000-$200,000
* Aggressive commission program
* Executive Benefits Package
* Potential Equity

The Everest Group
211 S Glendora Ave.
Suite C
Glendora, California 91741

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