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Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:51 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Keith Bogen" keith.bogen

Barbara Lawall <> wrote:

I am currently representing a highly respected Senior Living provider seeking an individual to join their organization&#39;s Corporate Compliance Department. Based on the information I have on file, you may have the background they would be looking for as the position requires a Nursing Home Administrator license with Corporate Compliance experience or an experienced Clinical Nurse with a background in Skilled Nursing operations. The position pays well offering a salary range of 110-140K along with a very comprehensive benefit package. It would require living near their corporate office in the greater Philadelphia area. Here is a brief description of the position:

Corporate Compliance Director for large Senior Living Organization/Pennsylvania
Great opportunity for an experienced to join a highly respected, non-profit, Senior Living organization at the corporate level. Your responsibilities will include oversight of an auditing team that monitors corporate and community compliance. Your knowledge of regulatory guidelines, billing, chart documentation, and overall operations will be utilized to assess the quality of operational standards, quality, and compliance within the organization.

Provide on-site visits to conduct audits
Complete assessments of internal policies and procedures for efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.
Produce detailed reports regarding compliance to present to the Board of Directors
Evaluate training needs and develop educational programs for staff as needed to address compliance issues
Keep abreast of regulatory changes and incorporate into the auditing process

Our ideal candidate for this position will meet the following requirements:

Bachelor degree
5+ years of operations and clinical experience in the Skilled Nursing setting, preferably licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator
Detail oriented
Strong communication skills, verbal and written, with the ability to present information/report findings
Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships at the community level
Must live near corporate office in Pennsylvania, overnight travel required

Please let me know if you would like to discuss this opportunity or converse about any interests you may have at this time. Feel free to call me at 978-618-9717 or send your most recent contact information and a convenient time for me to call you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Barbara LaWall, NHA
National Executive Recruiter
MedBest Recruiting
(: 978-618-9717

Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:15 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"John Barry" itechjohn



* 10+ years of progressive software engineering / development that includes full life cycle development of secure business applications.
* MUST have a passion for software engineering and currently be hands-on with the development process ( you will be the KSSC or the Keeper of the Secret Sauce Code).
* Strong background in full life cycle development (SDLC) process in an AGILE environment and comfortable in a player / coach role.
* Solid background in a senior / executive software development role where you still play with code and maybe the keeper behind the "secret sauce". (Will look at Director and VP level depending on size of company)
* Experience leading Development/software engineering and QA teams within small and large companies to ensure that the highest quality of product is delivered to market
* Experience in an Agile Continuous Delivery environment, working on SaaS and Enterprise products / Desktop enterprise software.
* Experience with secure applications development and privacy issues/ regulations preferred.
* Proven strength at effectively motivating and leading teams through example
* Demonstrated track record of success in delivering high quality security solutions
* Solid background in creating and executing strategic IT Security software plans and working well with cross functional and highly dynamic teams
* An innovative thinker and leader.


What is our hiring team looking for in a Rock Solid Candidate you ask?!!! Well.. in addition to meeting all of the must haves above, we are looking for someone who is exceptionally sharp. You will be working with the best minds in the IT Security business. We're not just saying that, our team has won countless awards and recognitions for their development abilities, their strategic and innovative ideas and their extremely high attention to details that no other company has been able to match. We are looking for someone who is equally as detail oriented. Personality wise we are looking for someone who has a passion for Security and Privacy and has an exceptionally strong understanding of the issues, the needs, and the technology to continue to create world class, award winning, "Best in Breed" IT Security software solutions and Services for our customers. We are looking for someone who knows how to win the respect and loyalty of the teams they lead as well as the respect from our Executive Board and the Board of Directors. We are looking for someone who has exceptionally high standards and ethics, takes an exceptional pride in the work they put out and has a compassion and respect for the cross functional teams that they work for but also has an exceptional track record of leading by example, and motivating teams to put out their best performance and mentoring those who need guidance. We are looking for someone who understands hiring the best possible people out there, those with a commitment to excellence, respect and hard work. We also want this person to be fun to be around. We all work hard and have a lot of pride in our company and spend a lot of time there. We want to like and have fun with the people we work with . We want to trust and respect them, and we want them to trust and respect us.


We have won awards for the strength of our secure applications. We have consistently been putting out state of the art, unhackable (so far!!!), secure, and private enterprise desktop, Paas, SaaS and mobile business application solutions for over 10 years all around the world. We are a US Based company, and every year have won awards for "Best in Breed" Security Solutions, Communications Platforms, Secure Software Applications, etc. We run an Agile, Continuous Development Environment and are consistently staying ahead of the hackers and we are proud to say our solutions have NEVER successfully been hacked! Our executive team and our Board of Directors are all made of by high profile IT Security Leaders from around the world. Our company too is very high profile and can be found mentioned in the news just about every day somewhere in the world. We hire the best of the best and are looking for nothing less for our VP of Software Engineering.

In the Role of VP of Engineering you will be leading a team of 10+ software engineers, hardware engineers and quality assurance professionals. Your teams will be growing and you will also be working very closely with cross functional teams, customers, and our executive team. It is imperative that you are a strong leader and have the respect of your teams - both below you, along side of you and above you - to succeed in this role. We are a highly fast paced environment, the nature of IT Security is ever changing and we pride ourselves on staying 5 steps ahead of the bad guys at all times. You will be working with a diverse team and a big part of your role will be motivating, coaching and leading your diverse teams to success in delivery of high quality, exceptional security solutions. You MUST have a very strong attention to detail and be the type of person who never lets anything slip by you! Your team will be developing privacy and security client applications and services for our enterprise customers and in that role you will be working closely with your teams, customers, your peers in sales, marketing, engineering, and the executive board. You'll be involved in developing and executing strategic development plans and ensuring that all solutions and services are delivered with high quality. Speaking of Quality - you'll also be managing the quality assurance team. This is a really high profile company and the products we put out are extremely high profile, yet focused on privacy and security! We are looking for someone who is going to continue to grow with us over the years. We've been around for over 10 years and have been very successful and we are growing significantly each year. Another great quality to have that will help you have success in this role is a track record of consistent tenure with your former employers (vs. frequent job hops) We are looking for a long term player in this role who will be joining us for the long haul. We'd love to see someone with a track record of helping their prior company's grow and someone with experience driving development growth strategies.

This is a very exciting role. You will be joining our Engineering Executive Team, and leading all Client Applications and Services.

Compensation is based on demonstrated experience and expertise in the IT Security Development world as well as with the must haves and other qualifications, as you present yourself during the interview process.

Interested candidate should email <> their resume, current salary, target salary and how they match the requirements.

Please visit our website at <> for more information about our company and a list of our hot jobs.

Best regards,

John Barry
ITech Consulting Partners
30 Church Hill Road
Newtown, CT 06470
203-270-0051 Ext: 301
203-270-0071 Fax
Providing IT professionals on a contract or fulltime basis.
Please visit our website for more information about our company and a list of our hot jobs: <>
linkedin profile: <>

Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:53 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"John Barry" itechjohn

Our client is seeking a Senior Front-End Developer for a 6-month contract in
Stamford, CT

Rate: up to $75/hr. W-2

Skills and Qualifications:
. 3+ years of experience developing customer facing web applications
. Experience with ReactJS and Flux architecture is required
. In depth knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS , object-oriented
JavaScript, architecture and design principles
. Experience with front-end build tools, including Gulp.js and Webpack
. Solid understanding of web security best practices
. Ability to solve Cross Browser issues
. Experience with unit testing and end-to-end testing
. Experience with responsive design and multi- platform web
. Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related
engineering field w/experience in software development

Interested candidate should email
<> their resume, current rate, target rate
and how they match the requirements.
Please visit our website at <> for
more information about our company and a list of our hot jobs.
Best regards,

John Barry
ITech Consulting Partners
30 Church Hill Road
Newtown, CT 06470
203-270-0051 Ext: 301
203-270-0071 Fax <> <>
Providing IT professionals on a contract or fulltime basis.
Please visit our website for more information about our company and a list
of our hot jobs: <>
linkedin profile:
5054> <>

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