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EmblemHealth is about to sign a contract with Cognizant to outsource its entire IT, similar to how Disney did it and it was recently all over  the news. They were told that they would be training their replacements etc. 
The contract has not been signed yet and that's why there may still be time to do something about it.

A friend who works at Emblem sent it to me. At the bottom there is an email from their lawyer.They are planning a protest tomorrow. Please consider sending it to your contacts. Perhaps, more people will be able to show up. Or, at least, they will learn about this happening.  
----- Forwarded Message -----         Dear friends,
       We are all planning to walk in Protest around EmblemHealth building on 441 9th avenue (corner of 9th ave,. and 34th    street) on Wednesday April 20th at 12:30. It is the first action of such kind and it is expected to be 20 - 30 min. long, however - it is very important to gather as many people as possible. We need your support and we need it now.

Please, see below message from the lawyer representing interests of employees at Disney and now - employees at Emblem Health.
Send to every private email you have:


My name is Sara Blackwell.  I am CEO and President of Protect US Workers. 
I want to offer you some information and assistance.  I work with hundreds of American workers all over the country.  If EmblemHealth signs a contract with Cognizant then you will likely lose your job at EmblemHealth. There is a good chance you will have to train a foreign visa holder.  Based on what I have heard from so many others, it is a horrible and emotionally abusive experience. 
Cognizant is a terrible, anti-American company.  They have most of their employees in India and are very corrupt.  They file for thousands of H1B visas for foreigners every year.  They use those foreigners to replace American workers.  They have no respect for Americans or America's future.  This is the company to which your CEO plans to sell you out.  Your CEO, the governor and others involved will likely make much money for making this deal. 
No Americans have ever stood up and said "no".  No victims have refused to train their replacements as a group.  No victims have walked out all together.  No victims have come together to the media to expose the issue and demanded protection.  What would happen if all of the EmblemHealth affected employees gathered together and went to the media or to the government or both all together?  What message would that send to other victims?  What message would that send to Cognizant who is doing this to hundreds of other companies across the nation?  What would that say to the politicians and CEOs that are bought?  Would we be able to bring awareness to Americans?
EmblemHealth employees, you can be like all of the other victims.  Do what they tell you to do.  Train your replacements.  Don't make waves.  But, in the end, you will lose your job.  You will be emotionally scarred from the experience and you will feel mistreated by your company and your government. 
OR, Emblemhealth employees, you can be the difference.  YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE.  You can be the group that finally takes the stand.  What do you have to lose?  Honestly?  False promises and a few more weeks of a job that you will later regret?
Wednesday-April 20th, we walk!  Wednesday, we all gather together and walk around the EmblemHealth building with signs.  We carry signs that say "No to Cognizant", "No to being Sold Out", "We will not train replacements", "we are people and we have value".  We spend one day in protest.  I will promise news coverage.  I can promise we will get the nation's attention!This is considered "concerted activity" so any retaliation by EmblemHealth would be a violation of the National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA").  The NLRA protects workers who come together to address working conditions.  You may get docked for the day missed but you cannot be fired for gathering together without a violation of the NLRA. 
Are you in?  Are you willing to make history?  Will you be just another victim or will you be the hero for whom all of the victims have been waiting?  Email me and let me know.  Also, share with everyone you can.  Even non-EmblemHealth workers can walk with us.  The larger the crowd the better. will report on the pending EmblemHealth contract with Cognizant Monday, April 18th in the afternoon (or at the latest Tuesday).  Protect US Workers has been fighting against this contract for several days.  Protect US Workers will continue to fight for you regardless of your decision, but please join us.
Email me as soon as you can as to your decision.  You can cover your face if you do not want your identity disclosed.  I need to know if we have a group who is willing to fight so I know if I should fly to NY.  Email or call. 
Thank you for reading.
Sara BlackwellProtect US Workers (cell)

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