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Subject: Building a PMO: Four Key Considerations
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[image: Building a PMO: Four Key Considerations]

Building a PMO: Four Key Considerations
The vision defines the direction in which the organization will go. The
project management office (PMO) helps to make that vision 20/20 and provide
critical support. Kristyn Medeiros, writing for PM Hut, delves into the
most effective ways that the PMO can realize the vision.
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[image: In Tough Times, Where Do PMOs Add Value?]

In Tough Times, Where Do PMOs Add Value?
Discussion of PMOs these days tend to focus on the portfolio aspect, which
deals with organizational alignment and careful project selection. Ralf
Finchett Jr. writes in a blog post at PMO Planet though that leadership
teams are actually more focused right now on controlling current projects
and improving their likelihood of success.
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[image: Digging Deeper into a PMO Implementation Plan]

Digging Deeper into a PMO Implementation Plan
It starts with a great idea, but the details are what define success or
failure. Mario Trentim takes a close look at what goes into a proper PMO
implementation plan in a post for Voices on Project Management.
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